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Convenient Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone (Mobile), commonly known as cheap cell phones, Japan and Hong Kong and Taiwan often referred to as mobile phone, flashlight, portable telephone, cell phone is called there early, can be used in a wide range of portable telephone terminals. Has developed to 3G Cell phone history 1G The first generation of phones (1G) is the analog mobile phone, that is, eighties and nineties in the 20th century, the American film and television works such as appear in Big Brother. Developed the first cell phone that Motorola Inc. Dr. Cooper. As the battery capacity was limited and analog modulation techniques require huge antennas and integrated circuit development and so restricted, this phone looks boxy, can only be removable not really portable. Many people call this phone as a "brick" or King Kong and so on.. The phone has a variety of formats, such as NMT, AMPS, TACS, but basically means using only frequency division multiplexing for voice communications, the received signal instability, and lack of confidentiality, the wireless bandwidth is underutilized. This phone is similar to simple duplex radio station, the call is locked in a certain frequency, use of FM radio can eavesdrop on calls. 2G Second-generation mobile phone (2G) is the most common Mobile Phone. Often, these phones use the PHS, GSM or CDMA standards for these very mature, stable call quality and suitable standby time. In the second generation in order to meet the needs of data communication, mobile phone number of intermediate standards are supported, such as support for MMS, GPRS and WAP services, Internet services, as well as a variety of Java procedures. 3G 3G, is the abbreviation of the English 3rdGeneration, the third generation mobile communication technology. Relative first-generation analogue phones (1G) and second-generation GSM, CDMA and other digital mobile phones (2G), third-generation mobile phones generally, refers to wireless communications and Internet multimedia communication systems combined with a new generation of mobile communications. It can handle images, music, video streaming and other forms of media services including web browsing, conference calls, e-commerce and other information services. In order to provide this service, wireless network must be able to support different data transfer speed, ie indoor, outdoor, and driving environment to each support at least 2Mbps (megabits / second), 384kbps (kilobits / second) and 144kbps transmission speed. 3G mobile phone Relative first-generation analogue phones (1G) and second-generation GSM, TDMA digital mobile phones, etc. (2G), 3G communication the name of the range, the ITU provisions of the "IMT-2000" (International Mobile Telephone 2000) standards, European Telecommunications giants claimed it as "UMTS" Universal Mobile Telecommunications System. That is all.Thanks a lot!


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