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In 1858, Freeman B · Blake invented that can sew the soles and uppers together machine. Two years later, a gentleman of the Mingjiaomaike a perfect machine. The next 21 years, the Black and Mike strong opponents , the mechanism shoe industry Chaussures Sport In Italy, the hand-shoe tradition continued into the twentieth century, while in France, book design and production of shoes on a small scale fashion industry closely integrated together. Paris, the fashion industry is by an Englishman named Charles Frederick Kewu Si founded, 1858, he was in Paris on the 7th Avenue LA PAZ, Bolivia opened a boutique. He was the first batch of clothing in each season and told young girls want to become models. The rise of the fashion industry as the first person, he first established a system of design clothing, designed clothing factory in Paris produced in quantity and sold around the world. The Austrian ambassador's MBT shoes in France was Maiteliqi Princess Pauline wore his clothes to take part in a court of Napoleon III ball, which gave him the first opportunity. Soon the wife of Napoleon III and the court of Queen about Szony the other lady Wu Si started to wear clothes. He designed the Second Empire luxury skirt and in the back with a lumbar pad, making it the nineteenth century, seventies and eighties the standard clothing for women. Wu Si-led people's dress taste, before his death in 1895, he had produced for all European royal clothes. Some clothing did not even labeling Jiuji secretly sent to go inside the palace of Queen Victoria. Wu Si's death, the business built by his two sons, Winston and let Philip take over. They soon realized that fashion is rapidly changing in 1900, in order to catch up with the ever-changing fashion tastes, they invited only 21-year-old designer Paul Poole cheap cell phones . Chlorpyrifos wave avant-garde clothing soon appear on the celebrity dignitaries who at the time. Done for the Wu Si Brothers Four years later, he left them, and start all over again. At that time, some other boutiques --- pakwe, Scotia Road, special, Road Schiott --- also sprang up like mushrooms in the Wu Si Brothers store and the adjacent vendome around the square, Paris became the world's fashion business center.


« Pop pioneer, fashion clothing, everything from a good start. | トップページ | Nike shoes »






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« Pop pioneer, fashion clothing, everything from a good start. | トップページ | Nike shoes »